Friendly Bridge Lessons for Beginners

Are you a Bridge fan having no clue about the antics of the game? The card game of Bridge is a complicated game but a lot of fun once you know your way through it. It is complicated yet absolutely exciting with the way it requires you to think in order to solve the tricky parts.

If you wish to get acquainted with the game in a very friendly atmosphere ‘No Tears Bridge’ is the place to be. Continue reading “Friendly Bridge Lessons for Beginners”

Why are beginner Bridge Classes important?

Bridge is one of the greatest card games amongst the many card games. What makes it interesting and exciting is the challenge and enjoyment that it provides. An intellectual challenge that the problem solving tactics involved requires is what makes it so very attractive. Games like Bridge are also well suited for the older people as the game requires an intellectual stimulation along with the use of memory, visualization and sequencing. For the seniors this also offers scope for regular socializing in a fun, entertaining and enriching way. Continue reading “Why are beginner Bridge Classes important?”